A Comprehensive ‘To-Do’ List Before A Tenant Viewing…

Someone of us, may recall the 1980s sitcom ‘Rising Damp’, and it’s landlord character Mr. Grimbsy, who showed little regard for his tenants welfare, or indeed many of you may have encountered your very own Mr Grimbsy back in the 1980s, in a bedsit with woodchip on the wall!

The millennials’ generation, and rightly so, have more discerning tastes than previous generations of tenants, with access to high speed broadband now nearly as important as water in the tap, so you as a landlord should be looking to attract the very best tenants. It is imperative that you prepare your property first, before any viewings take place.

The most important thing any landlord can do before a viewing is to make sure the property is spotlessly clean. It is best to get your vacant property professionally cleaned after each tenancy ends so that you will only have to do a light clean between viewings. Make sure all bathrooms and kitchens are thoroughly cleaned as tenants particularly look at these areas for cleanliness. Also ensure your property is dusted and hoovered throughout and all windows and doors are cleaned inside-and-out.

Any repairs that are visually obvious should be completed first before any viewings take place, so to give potential tenants the sense of a well maintained property and a professional landlord.

Also any mould that has emerged during the previous tenancy should be investigated, treated and decorated before any viewings take place, even if the mould was caused by a lack of ventilation by the previous tenant, as often people do not understand the difference between condensation mould and serious damp issues. Clean up all the taps in the property by removing limescale to help them look new again, paint over any marks caused by furniture being moved out and make sure the gardens to the front and back have been left in a good condition.

A few important things to consider on the day of the viewing:

  • Make sure all windows are clean and any condensation is wiped down.
  • If it is winter and the property is empty put the heating on and if it is summer open the windows to ensure the property smells fresh.
  • Be flexible on the times that tenants can view your property – many tenants work during the day so might prefer to view properties in the evening or at the weekend.
  • Make sure viewers have somewhere to park or have been told where best to park before viewing, leave the drive free for them to park on and inform them of this before the viewing.
  • Be yourself! It is best that you find tenants that you get on with and all tenants want to find a landlord they can trust and like.
  • Show tenants where everything is and what you feel are the best things about your property, but don’t go over the top and give them the chance to ask their own questions and look around on their own at the end.
  • Don’t take any criticism by tenants viewing too personally, – tenants will often forget who the property belongs to when viewing with a landlord and even though they have made some negative remarks does not mean they will not take the property.
  • Be knowledgeable and honest about the property – but stay positive! They will probably have lots of questions, which you’re best placed to answer as the property’s owner and it’s a great chance to laud the virtues of your property and manage their expectations.

If you have a busy schedule, or simply don’t like the idea of showing several people around your property, an agent will do it for you. You don’t need to take out a fully managed contract with them; a let-only service should include viewings as standard and the agent will then be able to offer you other services like carry out checks on any tenants who wish to take your property, prepare legal documents and provide important advice and guidance on current legal requirements you need to comply with, as a landlord.

If you’d like to have a chat about anything in this article or property related, do not hesitate to get in touch with our author, Kevin Flaherty, using any of his contact details below.

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